Welcome to Funoon London!

London. 8 million people, 50 ethnicities, 300 languages and 1,000 Indian restaurants. The epitome of cultural diversity, and creative and artistic expression. If in the midst of all this excitement, you’ve ever found yourself wondering what’s on, or what to hit or miss, try our site.

The ‘What’s Happening’ page provides a listing of all the events happening in London that relate to our regions. The Good Stuff’ page highlights our favourite things – performances, restaurants, music, food, books, and shops. The ‘In Pictures’ page showcases photos of events that have taken place recently. This slider features those things that we really don’t want you to miss.

For more information about the why, what and how of Funoon London, please see the About Us section.

Please do also let us know if we’ve missed anything in our ‘What’s Happening’ section (we’re bound to), if you’d like us to check out some ‘Good Stuff’, or if you have some photos from a recent event that you organised that you’d like put up on the ‘In Pictures’ page. We’d love to hear from you!

Image: Funoon copyright, with special thanks to Still Designing.

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