Celebrating and translating Urdu Poetry
28 March 2017

Translating Urdu poetry - Javed Akhtar Zehra Nigah

Celebrate the appeal and transcendence of Urdu poetry in the Poetry Translation Centre‘s next workshop – the last of their January to March series. The PTC’s workshop series celebrate the diverse literary traditions of the UK’s many communities, and aim to introduce new poets and poetry to English speaking audiences. This week, it’s Pakistan’s Zehra Nigah – one of the the finest female Urdu poets today – and India’s Javed Akhtar, poet and the Bollywood writer and lyricist behind innumerable memorable dialogues and songs. You might know this one…

Involved with putting the workshop together are Marion Molteno, a specialist in Urdu who we’ve mentioned on these pages before as the editor of a new edition the eminent Urdu scholar Ralph Russell’s book The Famous Ghalib: The Sound of my Moving Pen. Also, award-winning poet and playwright Clare Pollard.


When: Tuesday 28 March 2017, 6.30pm

Where: The Poetry Translation Centre, 2 Wardrobe Place, London EC4V 5AH

Tickets: £7 (+ £0.95 booking fee). Concessions available

More info: PTC Workshop 


Posted on 26 March 2017

Photo courtesy of the Poetry Translation Centre

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