Swet Shop Boys return to London
1 June 2017


The last time they performed in London, there was barely enough space in the crowd to move. That was the indie venue Birthdays Dalston in November 2016, this time Swet Shop Boys are gracing the legendary venue Scala in King’s Cross on June 1st.

The Boys’ debut album – Cashmere – blended a fresh take on fusion sounds with the politics du jour, and it’s now the stuff of cult followings (if you still haven’t heard Cashmere, check out our review of it here).

They’ll be touring the US (including Coachella!), Europe and Canada with six brand new tracks from their upcoming LP, SUFI LA (out 22nd April), for which we’ve got some pretty high expectations. Could there be a better way for Londoners to kick off the first night of summer?

Check out all the SUFI LA tour dates here. Details for the London gig are below.


When: 1 June 2017, 7.30pm

Where: Scala, 275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9NL

Tickets: £14 (+ £1.40 booking fee)

More info: Swet Shops Boys at Scala


By Sona Hathi.


Posted on 11 April 2017

Photo Swet Shops Boys Scala concert publicity image

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