Senaka Senanayake exhibits at the Grosvenor Gallery
Until 30 Jun 2017

Senaka Senanayake

There’s still time to catch artist Senaka Senanayake’s stunning tributes to Sri Lanka’s rainforests at the Grosvenor Gallery.

One of Sri Lanka’s most important artists, Senanayake’s signature is deliciously vibrant, larger than life canvasses depicting the flora and fauna of his country’s disappearing rainforests, many of which are being razed to make way for tea plantations. He has said that he consciously chooses to focus on the beauty of the rainforest, rather than its destruction, but his work is no less a reminder of what is being lost.

The exhibition is entitled ‘Dharmachakra’ and includes the artist’s newest paintings. Charles Moore, Director of the Grosvenor Gallery has written about Senanayake: “His work is as much a lament as a love song to a vanishing world. Senaka’s painterly language speaks to us about tolerance, co-existence, beauty and balance, and warns us about what we are on the verge of losing, our priceless birth-right, the wonders of the natural world which comes to its most magnificent fruition in the world’s rain forests.”

Senaka Senanayake - Grosvenor Gallery

Senanayake started painting as a young child, and held his first international exhibition at the age of 10. He’s exhibited extensively and across the world since, and his paintings have found homes in the White House, the UN Building in New York, and various museums and collections around the world.

The appeal of the his paintings lies in their ability to draw the eye – a function of the captivating colours, but also of the artist’s intent. Senanayake has said: “I want my paintings to talk. Everyone from a street sweeper to a university professor should be able to relate to my art.


When: Thursday 15 – Friday 30 July 2017, 9.30am – 6pm

Where: Grosvenor Gallery, 35 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AY

Tickets: FREE

More information: Grosvenor Gallery


By Seema Khan.


Posted on 26 July 2017

Photos courtesy of Grosvenor Gallery

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