Savon Stories – Handmade organic skincare


Our highlight from June’s ‘Spirit of Summer’ exhibition at Kensington Olympia was discovering Savon Stories, a line of 100% organic, chemical and preservative-free soaps. A family-run company, Savon Stories take their inspiration from their grandfather’s farm in the north of Morocco. In particular they’re inspired by his century-old practice of herbal farming and what they call ‘raw minimalism’, which they define as ‘a life defined by genuineness, love for the things of the earth and the joys in having less than more’.

The fragrances are heady and unexpected, and the vintage-style paper packaging is delicate and feminine. But it’s the feel of the soaps and their intense moisturising-ness – which we can absolutely vouch for – that’s the real offer here. Savon Stories use organic extra virgin olive oil, well known for its moisturising properties. They also use a cold-process method which means that, unlike most soaps, theirs are not cooked, and so retain the vitamins and antioxidants in the oils. It’s no surprise then that they were runners-up for the 2015 Natural and Organic Award for Best New Natural Beauty and Spa Product.

We bought as Eid presents a bag load of their handmade bar soaps as in seriously delectable combinations such as lemongrass, geranium and poppy seeds; rose and geranium with rose petals; and our favourite – lemongrass and calendula flowers.

Visit their website here.

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