Kothu Kothu – Sri Lanka’s street food sensation


We discovered Kothu Kothu at the Southbank Centre’s Alchemy Festival in May the year, and we’re still talking about it! Kothu Kothu  have one item on the menu – Kothu (chopped) Roti, a Sri Lankan street food staple which is made up of shredded bread, egg, vegetables, and meat if you want it and layered with yoghurt and chilli flakes. It comes in three choices: chicken, mutton or vegetarian, and is at once crispy, chewy, fragrant and spicy. The preparation process which includes the use of two large blades to chop and re-chop the ingredients as they fry over a griddle makes mesmerising watching.


If our word isn’t good enough, BuzzFeed UK names it as one of the 21 streetfoods you must try before dying. They also made Harper Bazaar’s June round-up of Best London Street Food. for information on where to find them, check their Facebook page.


Photos: Kothu Kothu

Posted: 11 November 2015

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