‘Illuminating India’ at the Science Museum
October 2017 – March 2018

Illuminating India

Fresh from their brilliant Twitter tussle with the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum joins the 2017 UK-India party with their Illuminating India programme, which celebrates India’s science, mathematics and technology.

A six month long series of events, starting in early October, is centred around two exhibitions – 5000 Years of Science and Innovation and Photography 1857–2017.

5000 Years charts the history of Indian scientific innovation, including the conservation efforts of the Mughals, the mathematical genius of Srinivas Ramanujan and most recently, India’s Mars Mission.

The photography exhibition traces the evolution of photography in India. Focussing on two giant moments in Indian history – the 1857 mutiny and partition in 1947, the exhibition which features Samuel Bourne, art photography pioneer Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II, Henri Cartier-Bresson and contemporary photographer Vasantha Yogananthan, provides a welcome perspective on the previously overlooked work of Indian photographers who subverted the use of photography by the British as an imperialist propagandist tool to tell their own stories.

The actually really exciting series of events features a discussion with the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Moumita Dutta about their hugely frugal space probe mission to Mars (it cost less than the budget for the film Gravity). Another discussion between yogi, poet and bestselling author Sadhuguru and fellow bestselling author and science journalist Jo Marchant on the science of yoga and wellbeing. A screening of the Dev Patel starrer The Man Who Knew Infinity, followed by a panel discussion about the remarkable life and hugely compelling story of math prodigy Srinivas Ramanujan. And the premiere performance by Talvin Singh of a series of compositions responding to Photography 1857-2017. He’ll be accompanied by the amazing Yorkston, Thorne and Khan who you should listen to here.

The full programme of events is here.


When: Wednesday 4 October 2017 – Saturday 31 March 2018

Where: The Science Museum, 

Admission: Exhibitions are FREE but charges apply for the events. See the individual event pages for those details.

More info: Science Museum


By Seema Khan.


Posted on 20 September 2017

Photo courtesy Science Museum


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