Holi Hai!
10 April 2016

dishoom 3

And that means only one thing – Dishoom’s gloriously messy, and utterly therapeutic foray into exploding color and not-so-reckless abandon.

In case you’ve been living under a monochrome rock the past three years, please-to-explain. The ingenious dudes at Dishoom are not just restaurateurs par excellence, having expanded to four restaurants in London in less than six years. They also throw one hell of a Holi party.

For the past three years they’ve booked various venues where stories are told to the little ones, tipples and are consumed by the slightly bigger ones, and gulaal (colour or rang) – and loads of it – is thrown unreservedly by all. All to thumkas and jhatkas to ‘Rang Barse’, and every Bollywood tune that unleashes the Prabhudava in you. It is – as Dishoom themselves describe – an absolute riot. Here are the videos from previous years to prove the point.

The only thing about this wondrous affair that’s not so wondrous is that tickets are really really hard to come by. So say a little prayer and make sure you’re hunched over www.dishoom.com/holi when the clock strikes two (pm) on Friday 18th March.

The good news is that this year they’re throwing two parties on Sunday 10 April – one for family fun during the day and the other for grown-ups in the evening. We, the old in soul, young at heart, and unstoppable in the feet shall be there all day and night. Come throw a fistful at us!

dishoom 2

dishoom 1

Posted by NR on 9 March 2016

Photos by NeniasWorld for Holi 2015, and our Iphone photos from Holi 2014. 

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