Get wild and wicked at Dishoom’s Holi party
12 March 2017

Dishoom Holi

Holi returns to London with Dishoom’s riot of exploding colour and fairly reckless abandon. Picture a large warehouse space, an ever ambient haze of colour, punctuated by more animated puffs of pink, green, blue and yellow. Mad laughter and crazy dancing.

Now in its fifth year, Dishoom’s Holi fixture is a wild and wicked party, where stories are told to the little ones, tipples are consumed by the slightly bigger ones, and gulaal (colour or rang) – and loads of it – is thrown unreservedly by all. As before, there will be two parties this year – one for family fun during the day and the other for more grown-up fun in the evening.

A Funoon entourage descended en masse last year, ready to unleash many a thumka and jhatka upon unassuming East London. The music was less Bollywood and more mainstream pop than we would have liked, but we live in hope that Dishoom’s DJ Wale Babu might crank out a little more desi-ness this time. Awesome bansuri player Shammi Pithia will also be providing some live music this year (we’ve reviewed his band Flux’s album here).

For sustenance there will be food trucks, and mithai and chai on the house.

Tickets will be released at 2pm on Monday 20th February, and are likely to go fast.


When: Sunday 12th March 2017, 12pm – 3pm (Daytime Family Holi), 6pm – 10pm (Evening Holi Party)

Where: York Hall, 5 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PJ

Tickets: £26 adults, £15 kids (Daytime Holi Party), £30 adults (Evening Holi Party)

More info: Play Holi with Dishoom


By Nadia Rahman.


Posted on 10 February 2017

Top photo by Dishoom, bottom by Funoon London

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