Vaisakhi London


The Thames riverside was alive to the sound of kirtan, the skills of the gatka, and the spirit of langar yesterday as an estimated 17,000 people reveled in the Mayor of London’s all singing (and Singhing), and all dancing Vaisakhi Festival. The Scoop played host to numerous musicians, performers, and storytellers, hosted by BBC Asian Network’s Tommy Sandhu. And the City Hall showcased numerous exhibitions by Sikh artists including the ultra talented Inkquisitive, a live painting demonstration by Joti Dhanjal, and the Singh Project whose exhibition of portraits of men with turbans and beards had us mesmerized for far longer than was probably intended. The indoor arts and crafts area for children was a source of much joy for the young ones, and a large spread of charitable and faith-based organisations showcased some of their work.

Despite us being strongly opposed to all things war and arms, our favourite bit of the day was admittedly the National Army Museum’s ‘War and and Sikhs’ community outreach project that had dozens of khalsa warriors in real WW1 uniforms in the effort to¬†spread awareness about the large contribution that Sikhs made in WW1.

Check out the gallery below for some photos we took through the afternoon.

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Posted by NR on 10 April 2016

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