Southall on Chaand Raat


If you’re thinking about going out to celebrate Chaand Raat – the Night of the Moon – which signals the night before Eid-ul-Fitr and also the end of Ramadan, head to Southall, that unabashed celebration of the subcontinent and all the kitschy wonders that it holds. Dishkum dishkum music spills out of traffic jammed cars, the pavements are almost entirely appropriated by women and girls getting henna hand makeovers, and clothes and jewellery of all imaginable hues spill out of shop fronts and on to you. And of course, there’s the food – glorious, grilled, masala infused, and arguably, as close to authentic as it gets in these parts – food, in dozens of restaurant-loads.

We went last year, and lapped up the atmosphere, and more importantly, the Kashmiri tea, one foam cup at a time, dispensed out of large steel canisters on the road side. Here are some photos we took between gulp-fulls.

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