“America’s Drone Campaign is Both Moral and Effective” – watch the debate live
27 February 2013

In what promises to be a powerhouse production of political (and moral) positions, tonight Intelligence Squared – the world’s renowned debate and intelligent discussion platform – brings to town the argument for and against the CIA’s drones programme. Hosted in Sadler’s Wells in London (and beamed live around the world online), the debate will bring together some hard-hitting thinkers and doers to defend either side of the motion “America’s Drone Campaign is Both Moral and Effective”. 

Unfortunately tickets for this sold out before we could say “we need to put this on Funoon”. But you can put your name on the waiting list, or better still view the debate live online at 7 pm GMT on Versus Youtube here, or Versus Google + here.

Check out the trailer below:

Defending the motion will be David Aaronovitch – writer, broadcaster, journalist, and the winner of the George Orwell Prize for political journalism and the “Columnist of the Year” award – and Douglas Murray, best-selling author, founder of the Centre for social Cohesion, and Associate Director at the Henry Jackson Society. Speaking against are Clive Stafford-Smith, leading civil rights lawyer, founder of human rights organization Reprieve, and a loud public voice against drone strikes, and Noel Sharkey – professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at the University of Sheffield, specialising in areas such as the military, surveillance and criminal/terrorist activity.

Through Google + technology, an expert panel and speakers from around the world will be beamed in, including counter-terrorism advisor to the 2008 Obama administration Professor Michael Boyle, assistant professor in the Center for Peace and Security Studies at Georgetown University Professor Christine Fair, writer, activist and a co-founder of Yemen’s Watan Party, Ibrahim Mothana, and physician and columist for Pakistan’s Daily Times, Mohammed Taqi.

For more information about the arguments forming the debate, the speaker’s bios, and other details, have a look at the Intelligence Squared website here.

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